The MAXscooter is a simplified adult transporter work-horse with a smooth ride. this state of the art scooter is silent with zero emission.

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1. Is the MAXscooter covered under any warranty?
Yes, the MAXscooter comes with a limited manufacturer’s warranty which can be read here. MAXscooter carries a five million dollar liability insurance policy. It does not cover "stupidity" when operated carelessly.

2. What is the shipping cost for the MAXscooter?
Due to the inconsistent cost of fuel, shipping costs vary from day to day. Please visit our ordering page and fill out your contact information. We will be happy to figure out the shipping cost to your door

3. How is the MAXscooter delivered?
The MAXscooter is delivered to your door via truck and comes completely assembled with minimum assembly required.

4. Is the MAXscooter safe to ride?
The MAXscooter has a large base that allows the rider to keep his balance more steadily than with other transporters. An optional seat
offers additional support for safe travel at greater speeds.

5. How does the MAXscooter compare to other alternate transporters like the Segway?
The MAXscooter can be ordered direct from our warehouse at our guaranteed low price of $1,075. Segway is priced at $6,000. The MAXscooter can be disassembled and taken along in your auto, boat, plane, SUV, motor home. No emmisions, no gasoline, no oil drips.

6. Can I test ride the MAXscooter?
Yes, we welcome anyone to come to our Coconut Creek location in south Florida. We offer free demonstrations and test ride by appointment. Please visit our ordering page and fill out our form and we will contact you.

7. What forms of payment do you accept?
We are able to maintain our prices as low as possible by actively fighting all forms of fraud. For this reason we only accept the following forms of payment: Cashier’s/Bank check, personal check, money order, western union, bank transfer. Please visit our ordering page and fill out the form so that we may contact you to further discuss purchasing.

8) Where can the MAXscooter be shipped?
The MAXscooter can be shipped almost anywhere in the world. Contact us for frieght cost.